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Three pots

Three pots

Introducing the 缶 fou jar Here’s another character that occurs just three times in the Yijing: fou 缶. This is a vessel for holding liquids, something like an amphora, with a narrow neck and large body. It’s originally a pottery jar – that’s the first meaning of the character – but was also made in… Continue Reading

Borders and boundaries

Borders and boundaries

What is Jie 介 ? The character jie 介 occurs three times in the Yi: 16.2 ‘Boundaries of stone,Not for a whole day.Constancy, good fortune.’ 35.2 ‘Now advancing, now apprehensive.Constancy, good fortune.Accepting this armour blessing from your ancestral mother.’ 58.4 ‘Negotiating opening, not yet at rest.Containing the affliction brings rejoicing.’ As you can see, I haven’t… Continue Reading



A friend who works as a coach/counsellor, who’s learned from and drawn on probably hundreds of sources as she develops her own way of helping, has recently had a couple of teachers ask her for payment for her use of their intellectual property. I was bemused, because this is something I’ve never needed to think about at… Continue Reading

Hexagram 29: Repeating Chasms

“What an abyss of uncertainty whenever the mind feels that some part of it has strayed beyond its own borders; when it, the seeker, is at once the dark region through which it must go seeking, where all its equipment will avail it nothing. Seek? More than that: create. It is face to face with… Continue Reading

Living Change I Ching podcast

Here it is… I Ching podcast, episode 1. In future I’d like to add more sections to this – some interviews, feedback, shared experiences, maybe even some music like a real, grown-up podcast. Some of the more in-depth stuff will be for Change Circle members only, but there’ll always be a free part, too. At… Continue Reading

Hexagram 29 and learning to swim

I didn’t learn to swim until I was ten. I’m told that when I was first put into a pool, at age 4 or so, I screamed at the top of my lungs until I could get out again. The teacher would grab other children by the hands and whirl them in circles over the… Continue Reading

Bede Griffiths on the Abyss

I’ve started re-reading Bede Griffiths, Return to the Centre, a wonderful book I first attempted to understand when I was 16. This time through, I have help. I think of hexagram 29, the Repeating Chasm, as a dark place of bottomless depths. Yi talks of ‘holding fast your heart’ here, I think, because there is… Continue Reading

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