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spiralling descent into a well

Creating a business?

Episode 37 of the I Ching with Clarity podcast features a listener’s reading. She’s wondering whether her desire to create a business is her real path, or whether she could be losing herself. Her reading – Hexagram 48, the Well, changing at line 3 to 29, Repeating Chasms: changing to… Read more »Creating a business?

Not yet

Hexagram 63, Ji ji, Already Crossing, is followed by Wei ji, Not Yet Crossing. Wei 未, ‘not yet’, is the opposite of ji 既, ‘already’. It occurs three times in the Yi in addition to its appearance in Hexagram 64: in the Oracle of Hexagram 48, and in 49.5 and… Read more »Not yet

fish on plate

Too many readings?

This was going to be a simple post A worried client emailed me. He’d just been organising his journal, listing all his readings, and found there were a whole lot more on one topic than he’d thought. He said he was wondering if he’d become ‘a bit of a Yi-aholic.’… Read more »Too many readings?

small box of 9 chocolates

‘Character’ hexagrams: Confined, the Well, and Subtly Penetrating

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series The 'character' hexagrams

Hexagram 47, Confined Confining is de’s test. It is hard-pressed, and wholly connected. It is used to lessen resentment. Wilhelm/Baynes calls 47 the ‘test of character’, which is memorable – but the meaning isn’t so much what ‘puts you to the test’ as the test that identifies something by differentiating… Read more »‘Character’ hexagrams: Confined, the Well, and Subtly Penetrating

hippo wallowing in mud

Nothing quite like it

Ni, 泥 , simply means ‘mud’ – soil, putty, to daub with plaster. It’s the clay that was baked into bricks and tiles. I normally look for how a word is used in the Book of Songs, or the Book of Rites, but ni doesn’t appear anywhere in either of… Read more »Nothing quite like it