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The basic human need Yi answers, part 4: changing line 1

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series The need Yi answers: to 48

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I asked Yi what the basic human need is that it answers, and it responded with Hexagram 49, Radical Change, moving at lines 1, 2 and 4 to Hexagram 48, the Well. Here (at last!) are that reading’s moving line texts: ‘Bound with yellow cow-hide.’ ‘Your own day,… Continue Reading

The basic human need Yi answers, part 3: the change

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series The need Yi answers: to 48

This is a follow-up post from these two, about a reading. (And there will be more to come: a single post covering three lines, change patterns and speculations about trigram changes would have been ridiculously long.) Thought in passing… Talking to people in the comments on those posts about personal and transpersonal qualities of readings…… Continue Reading

The basic human need that Yi answers

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series The need Yi answers: to 48

I’m not quite sure how long ago I cast this reading. A search at archive.org reveals that I’d already uploaded it to IChingResources by April 2001. So some time before then, I had at least noticed that there were, as I put it, ‘books to be written about this answer’. While the books remain unwritten,… Continue Reading

Yi on life purpose

A couple of days ago, I recommended the Divine Purpose Unveiled course, and all kinds of debate ensued. Some of that was about the very idea of having a ‘divine purpose’ at all, and whether it’s remotely helpful. Is it good to believe that we have a specific personal contribution to make in the world,… Continue Reading

I Ching on Obama

A round-up of readings from the run-up to the election, with thanks to Google. The earliest pertinent reading I found was from 24th May: “What will an Obama presidency bring to the nation?” Now, there’s some ambiguity around this reading: for one thing, by July the original poster was saying the question had been different;… Continue Reading

The nature of Radical Change

There seem to be two distinct streams of ideas flowing in Hexagram 49, Radical Change. First, it’s arguably the apex, along with Hexagram 50, of the great historical narrative of the Zhou conquest. ‘Radical Change puts away the old; the Vessel grasps renewal.’ The old regime is overthrown here; the new one will be founded… Continue Reading

To change, first tie on your boots

Brad Hatcher points out that 14 out of 64 hexagrams’ first lines mention feet. I wonder whether there isn’t a fifteenth implied at 49.1: ‘For binding use yellow cowhide’ What might you bind with yellow cowhide? It could be a tethered animal, of course, as Rutt suggests. But looking at the fan yao – ‘Influence… Continue Reading

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