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Grasping the scale of an I Ching reading

One of the trickier aspects of interpreting an I Ching reading has to be working out what scale the oracle’s using. By which I mean, if it says ‘good fortune’, is that a lottery win or a pot of jam in the raffle (for instance)? Does ‘misfortune’ mean mild inconvenience, or threat to life and… Continue Reading

Being the marrying maiden

Recent readings have given me a new application for Hexagram 54: the experience of relying on other people to work for me. The Marrying Maiden, poor little thing, moves into a world that’s several sizes too big for her, and has to feel her way into its relationships and possibilities. There’s working with my webdesigner,… Continue Reading

Nuclear hexagrams – why bother?

At the heart of every hexagram is its ‘nuclear hexagram’. It’s made up of its inner lines: 234 for its lower trigram, 345 for the upper. So for instance if your original hexagram is 18, Corruption – – then by taking its lines 234,345 you uncover the nuclear hexagram 54, the Marrying Maiden: Looking at… Continue Reading

A week of 54.1

As you may know, I consult Yi once a week without a specific question – just to touch base and remagnetise the inner compass. The way these readings help changes from week to week: sometimes I’ll find I’ve been given very specific advice for a situation that arises days later; sometimes it’s a message that… Continue Reading

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