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Shadow hexagrams revisited

Four years ago 😯 , I posted about my first encounters with shadow hexagrams. And last week I was reminded of them again when a friend asked me to look at his connected-hexagrams-generating script that included Ideal and Shadow, along with many more of the creations from Stephen Karcher’s divination-laboratory. (The Shadow – quick recap,… Continue Reading

Dreams: rain dance of the soul?

I asked Yi, ‘Why do we dream?’ I had a few reasons for asking: huge curiosity about the answer, of course, and wondering what Yi might say out of all the possible answers I could think of. (‘Processing’ stuff from the day? Receiving messages? Random noise? Ongoing inner work?) Also as a starting point for… Continue Reading

Line 1 as inklings

Over in the quaintly-named ‘Basics’ section of GreatVessel.com, there’s an enticing article on The Voices of the Lines. [Update: now moved here.] As with most of Stephen Karcher’s ideas nowadays, I find I need to take small portions and chew them over well, not try to swallow it all at once. (When you’ve digested that… Continue Reading

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