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Connecting with Yi’s imagery: a free mini-workshop

Simple ways to understand your reading directly, from the inside out

The Yijing’s teeming with imagery – tigers, horses, arrows, kings, farmers, rivers, axle-straps… – and it’s not always easy to follow. If you’ve ever sat looking at the imagery of your reading and thought, ‘What (on earth) am I supposed to understand from that?’ this is definitely for you.


Sunday, June 23rd at 5pm UK time, which is…

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Your computer or phone, anywhere with an internet connection. We’ll use Zoom, which is especially user-friendly video-conferencing.



  • get in touch with your natural habit of thinking in images
  • find rapport between Yi’s imagery and your own
  • pick up some easy tools to get inside the image (and see how this practice banishes doubts and second-guessing)
  • recognise the interpretation problems that are signs you’re not getting inside the image

Very often, following these steps means you don’t even need to think about how to apply and interpret your reading – the answer just jumps out at you. But as we are sometimes quite resistant to having our way of seeing transformed, we’ll also cover

  • tricking your mind into seeing what the reading’s showing you.

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Can I join by phone?

Yes. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can dial into the call – there are local numbers for most parts of the world.

Do I have to appear on video?

No, of course not. We’ll start off with everyone’s video turned off, and you can turn it on when you want.

How much do I need to know about the I Ching?

Just the minimum. If you’ve cast a reading or two of your own, you’ll be fine – just bring your curiosity and a working imagination!

Will there be a recording?

Yes – it’ll be available to Change Circle members.

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