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steps up the mountain into the mist

Step by step

Episode 44 of the I Ching with Clarity podcast is about an artist getting started with showing her art, one step at a time – Hexagram 46, Pushing Upward, changing to the Repeating Chasms of Hexagram 29, which made their presence felt as an emotional background. changing to I hope… Read more »Step by step

shelduck in flight, reflected in a lake

Pairs and perspectives

Hexagrams – you probably know this – come in pairs: 1 with 2, 3 with 4, and so on, through to 63 with 64. Sometimes it’s obvious why a pair of hexagrams belong together, sometimes less so. It only really sank in for me recently why Hexagram 43, Deciding, would… Read more »Pairs and perspectives

slices of fruitcake with nuts

Sharing the I Ching

Have you ever tried to explain your relationship with the I Ching to someone? Maybe explaining how you took a decision, solved a problem, reached an insight? Or do you find it simpler just to avoid the subject altogether? Naturally, I find myself mentioning the oracle more often than most:… Read more »Sharing the I Ching

lake below the mountain

What to expect in a relationship

A new listener’s reading for this podcast episode: ‘What to expect in this relationship?’ And Yi’s answer – changing to Hexagram 41, Decreasing, changing to 26, Great Tending (or Taming or Nurturing…), with changing line 3: ‘Three people walking,Hence decreased by one person.One person walking,Hence gains a friend.’ Hexagram 41,… Read more »What to expect in a relationship

cats facing off


When I was preparing for our latest Well Gathering on the subject of Hexagram 6, I posted the above image to Facebook and invited people to guess the hexagram. The first guess posted was Hexagram 38 – which is completely understandable, but it got me thinking… The muddle Both hexagrams… Read more »Differences

Happy birthday sign with balloons

Happy 24th birthday

…to Clarity, that is, and all its members. I registered the domain name ‘’ on 26th April 2000, so I reckon this is our birthday. So for our 24th, I commissioned an upgrade to the Hexagram Search feature of the I Ching Community, and that’s just gone live today. As… Read more »Happy 24th birthday