Individual Yijing reading service

Getting stuck on the deep questions?

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You know those questions that go deep, that touch the essence? It could be about relationship, or family, or your work and direction in life... something fundamental to you. And because it's fundamental, you gather yourself and your resources and focus on it intensely... and yet somehow you're stuck.

Maybe you're caught up in a knotty decision. Or maybe you sense you have something to give, you're inspired to invest yourself wholly in your path... and yet somehow you still struggle with a lack of trust and confidence.

Putting in more energy to galvanise your 'inner committee' should work - only it really doesn't. What you need is not more energy and more debate, it's the space for connection.

(...because connection is where trust and confidence come from...)

Yijing reading: a way to restore trust

"The depth of this experience would be especially helpful for someone who is feeling 'stuck' (as I was), or at a major turning point in their lives, or perhaps someone who is just discovering Yi and might benefit from a glimpse into its depths."

Experience of connection lies at the heart of conversation with Yi, the Change oracle. I've created this Yijing reading service to hold space for that conversation. Since a reading is often something that unfolds, layer by layer - from deep, clear recognition into the confidence to create and own your changes - I've allowed plenty of space and time for the unfolding. I believe that, like any process of growth, a conversation with the Yijing is not to be hurried or squeezed.

So I don't act just as a 'delivery service', bringing you your reading and then disappearing; I serve more as a travelling companion, fully immersed and involved in your reading and carrying it with me. (In practice this means we're in touch for a full month. Also, I only take on a very few reading clients - four or five - at a time.)

How this works

There are three equally important parts to a Yijing reading: opening yourself to the issue and the question; connecting with the oracle's response; and integrating it into your awareness and way of living.

1. Opening

"It really helped me to put a finger on the questions that I wanted to ask."
Tanya Raj

First, I help you to find your true question, your way into the conversation. I'll send you Ways of Opening, a mini-workbook of ideas, meditations and experiments to try, that help you dive in and explore. Then we talk (by phone or Skype), so you can fill me in on your situation, and we can clarify and settle on your question.

This stage is without charge and without obligation: if you decide against going ahead with a reading, or if it turns out that your question isn't a good fit with the Yijing, we can stop here. You only pay if we carry on to the 'connecting' stage.

"I would have been unable to identify the root question/intention without your help. Well, it is possible that I might have done in 5- 10 years...

You managed to cut through the underbrush to the main concern during our first call. That in itself made a huge difference. From the outside looking in perhaps it was easier for you to see how fuzzy my thoughts were and where I needed clarification."

2. Connecting

"For me, the reading call was the bridge between the two worlds... And after the call, things started becoming clearer and clearer. Some points hit instantly and some messages took time sinking in. Stories and images are very powerful and often communicate at many levels. "

Next, you cast your reading. Don't worry if this is your first time: I can walk you through the process, or you can opt to use Clarity's online reading - no experience required at all. And after we've had time to absorb the response (I like to sleep on it) we have our first call about the reading: an hour or more of joint exploration and discovery, with plenty of time for questions, finishing up with a clear 'takeaway' that summarises the answer.

I'll email you a recording of our call afterwards, so you can listen through again. (You'll probably find a few new insights come bubbling up to the surface.) Oh, and a concise written summary of the reading you can take in at a glance.

3. Integrating

I've learned that however clear and vivid the experience of the reading itself, some of the insight will slip away unless you keep attending to the reading, 'carrying it with you' along the path. So I join you for the next leg of the journey, in the first month after your reading, with active support and companionship. I'll be holding your reading in awareness, reflecting on it and listening for new insights.

We'll fix a time to talk each week throughout the month - four further calls of about 30 minutes - to...

"I actually loved these [integrating questions], I think they're brilliant! It seemed that whenever I was completely forgetting the reading and moving blithely on, I'd get one of those emails and get some new way to pull it back into my life."

You'll also receive a series of 'integrating questions' emails: tiny questions, like journal prompts, encouraging you to integrate the reading-awareness as part of your identity and see how it translates into practical change.

We can discuss your responses in our weekly call, and you're also very welcome to reply to the emails to ask questions or share insights.

With the full reading service, I'll keep you company for a month. For longer term community support, I can strongly recommend Clarity's private membership, Change Circle. Four months of free membership are included with your reading: this gives you plenty of time to draw on Change Circle's full depth of support - and naturally I hope you'll want to stay on.

"[The review call] felt like right timing. A month of seeing what was unfolding. Powerful happenings after the reading. I had so many questions I was mulling over, plus the changes that were occurring from the process of the reading, the internal shifts, it was so good to check in with you then."
Nathalie Johnson

What's included...
'Ways of Opening' mini-workbook (pdf) included
Introductory call to clarify your question included
In-depth I Ching reading call included
MP3 recording of the reading call included
Written summary of your reading included
Four weekly 'integrating' calls included
'Integrating Questions' emails included
Four months' free membership in Change Circle, including:
  • members-only Reading Circle forum
  • members-only Yi Academy forum
  • the Yijing Foundations Course
  • access to consult and contribute to WikiWing, our community-built, experience-based Yijing commentary
Price (if you decide to continue after the first call): £200 ($304.00 or €270.00), or four monthly installments of £52.

All the calls - question choice, reading and integrating - are done by Skype or phone. If we do need to use the phone instead of Skype, I'll call you so you don't pay the phone charges.


"Working through the delicate unfolding of the reading with you, coming at it slowly and from many different directions, was revelatory."

These readings come with an unconditional, lifelong guarantee. I've learned over the years that conversation with Yi brings both immediate insight and also shifts and unfoldings that can take decades. So I am more than happy to stand behind my readings, and offer you a guarantee for life.

A reading provides the experience of connection that allows trust and confidence to return, to get you 'unstuck', and I do my human best to create a space where you can enjoy that experience. If you don't feel that's happened, above and beyond your expectations, then I don't believe I should keep your money. So if you ask, I will give it back. That's all.

How to get started

I'm currently closed for readings

- but please sign up for your copy of 'Ways of Opening' and I'll let you know as soon as I re-open.

Use the form below to send me your name and email, and you'll get an email straight back with the subject line, "Please confirm you want to receive 'Ways of Opening'". When you click the confirmation link, you'll receive the 'Ways of Opening' workbook, and a link to a page where you can set up a time for our first call. (You don't pay unless/until you decide to continue with a reading after the first call.)

I'll look forward to speaking with you!

Do you have a question you'd like to ask first? No problem - just email me. (Oh, and there's a FAQ page, too.)

"Hilary's approach to my reading was extremely powerful. I felt as though she had a deep understanding of the origin of my question, which rendered tremendous fruits in the outcome of her interpretation. Her style is open, thoughtful and gentle, and yet she fearlessly went straight to the heart of the matter and helped me look at aspects I would have missed on my own.

Yes, although it's expensive, I would recommend a reading to a friend - but only to someone who wasn't looking for "fortune telling" but open to a mix between therapy, self-inquiry, deeper understanding of the question at hand as well as a great lesson on this mysterious beautiful system."
Shannon Casey,
Etch Strategies, Inc
(March 2013)

Quick note about question topics

Divination is a wonderful complement to human conversation and expertise, but never a substitute. Specifically, while the Yijing can answer questions about anything, I'm not qualified to deal with legal, financial or health questions. If you're not sure whether your question is one I could help with, drop me an email.