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Free I Ching webinar: 5 hours to go

Free webinar today: Journey images in the I Ching

Only the first 20 people (well, the first 19, I have to get in too…) to log in here at 6pm UK time will get in – sorry, that’s just the size of the room I’ve hired. I think it’ll be enough – hope so.

For your timezone, double-check at timezoneconverter.com: my timezone is ‘Europe/London’ – GMT plus one hour at this time of year. So 6pm here will be…

10am Pacific time, 11am Mountain, 12 noon Central, 1pm Eastern, 7pm in Amsterdam, and something horrible like 3am in Australia.

Anyway – I’ve prepared some slides and printed some notes about…

  • ‘crossing the great river’
  • ‘having a direction to go’
  • ‘setting out’
  • carts and chariots
  • horses
  • paths (dao), and
  • ‘southwest’, ‘northeast’ and all

…ready for us to share thoughts, feelings and experiences about them.

I’m unexpectedly nervous about this – must be to do with sharing more of my own ideas rather than interviewing an expert. But looking forward to it. Please come if you can.

3 responses to Free I Ching webinar: 5 hours to go

  1. Computer operating systems are not just Windows or Mac Os. Unfortunately your chosen room provider thinks they are the only two. It would be much better if next time you consider a provider who is not biased about operating systems and has a system that runs including Linux.

  2. Question: are there any providers that include Linux? I have a nasty suspicion that maybe the only such would be the one that costs 19 cents per user per minute. (Add it up for say 10 or 20 users for a few hours… brr!)

    I’m sorry you couldn’t get in, though. What recording formats can you play on your Linux computer? I’ll try to produce one you can use if possible.

  3. All recording formats no problem at all. In regard to a provider sorry I do not know anyone at the time being. However anyone that is not insisting to install Active X plugins (evil software opening gates to unknown further damages) or anyother software and opening up ports in firewall ( another unrealistic request if you are going to turn it of why bother to have a firewall in the first place.) Not everyone is using home user firewalls like Norton and asking system admins to open a port is not “advantageus to cross rivers”

    Thanks for the follow up

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