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Scepticism in Transition

More power to Mark McElroy’s elbow!

He visited skepdic.com, and found a bunch of utterly loopy speculation about divination. (How those who divine are ‘insecure and dependent’, thanks to our unfulfilled childhoods!) He did not get flustered; he sent a calm, rational and intelligent email about this to the site owner, and – wonder of wonders – he got the entry changed. No small achievement (and kudos to skepdic, too, for making the change).

Here’s Mark’s post, with the ‘before and after’ links.

2 responses to Scepticism in Transition

  1. Hi

    I am a litlle confuse

    In the original article, they say: “”Tarot cards are used mainly in fortune telling”” (it means: there are other uses for tarot cards: meditation and so on)

    Now say: “The tarot is a set of cards used in fortune-telling”

    So, they edit, yes.. but to reinforce the idea that tarot is ONLY about “fortune-telling”.

    So, the outgoing was the oposite to the intention of Mark “I’m aware of large numbers of people who use Tarot cards for aids in meditation, reflection, self-exploration, problem-solving, and even brainstorming … but, after a fair amount of research, I would only associate fortune-telling applications with bad storefront psychics … ”


  2. Hm, yes, this is true. You can’t win them all, I suppose – and at least the stuff about our unfulfilled childhoods has been removed…

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