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The story of Gun and Yu

Round about this time of year, I’ve usually given subscribers a pdf anthology of newsletter articles from the last year’s issues. Which makes some kind of sense when those articles are scattered through an archive of newsletters, but a bit less sense (I think) when you can go straight to any category of article you’re interested in anyway by clicking one of those links over on the right-hand side of the blog’s front page.

So… this year I’ve made you something different, and probably quite odd. Rereading parts of Steve Marshall’s The Mandate of Heaven, and Stephen Karcher’s Total I Ching, and Anne Birrell’s Chinese Mythology, I’ve retold the story of Gun and Yu, and added on some thoughts about how the stories tie in with the hexagrams. As always, you can listen by clicking the (festively coloured) ‘play’ button below, or you can download the file by right-clicking here.

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