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Yearly Archives: 2005

I Ching Poetry

Lately, I’ve been exploring ways to immerse myself in readings more completely – and I Ching poetry seems to be a way to do that. Of course the book is poetry itself, but the attempts I know of to translate it directly into rhyme basically reduce it to jingles. I linked the other day to… Continue Reading

Orchestral I Ching

This started out as an audio recording I made while I was washing up one night and just felt like ranting aloud. Unfortunately this means the sound is punctuated and/or drowned out entirely by assorted splashings and clashings of pans. I would re-record it – except that I haven’t altogether got my voice back yet.… Continue Reading

The Modern Poet’s I Ching, by Thom Williams

The Modern Poet’s I Ching, by Thom Williams Short poems and commentaries for the hexagrams and lines. One for the collection? (For breathtaking poetry for each hexagram, I recommend Karen Holden’s Book of Changes. Amazing.) Continue Reading

An idea about Hexagram 22

Hexagram 21 is Biting Through; Hexagram 22 is Beauty – only I tend to think of it these days more as Making Beautiful. (In much the same way, Hexagram 13 seems to be more to do with ‘creating harmony between people’ than just finding it already there, a fait accompli.) So you Bite Through obstacles… Continue Reading

I Ching Community: The I Ching on The I Ching

I Ching Community: The I Ching on The I Ching A great and quite mad story-telling thread – first hexagram by hexagram, now line by line. You really need to read through from the first page (the ‘archive through November 19th’ link at the top of the page) to get it. It’s also inspired me… Continue Reading

Weekly I Ching reading

This entry is a follow-up to my post on ‘Life lessons from Yi‘ a few weeks ago. Like that one, it’s more personal-journal-ish than I usually write, but I hope it’ll provide a couple of ideas you can use yourself. (Please let me know what you think of this style of entry!) Inspired – not… Continue Reading

Heaven to Earth I Ching

Heaven to Earth I Ching A link to a home-published I Ching book I hadn’t seen before. As far as I can make out from a quick look through the website (in other words – I may have this completely wrong) the book offers a new way of choosing which lines and hexagrams to read… Continue Reading

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