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Christmas I Ching

I’ ve been wondering and delighting in this reading for a year now – it seems a good time to share it. I had a Christian upbringing, and as I started reflecting for myself, I never quite saw the point of the Incarnation. God is here, of course – where… Read more »Christmas I Ching

The story of Gun and Yu

Round about this time of year, I’ve usually given subscribers a pdf anthology of newsletter articles from the last year’s issues. Which makes some kind of sense when those articles are scattered through an archive of newsletters, but a bit less sense (I think) when you can go straight to… Read more »The story of Gun and Yu

Last chance to see?

Looking up the ‘Pace of Yu’ on Google, I found a link to a fascinating-looking paper on ‘The transformations of Yu the Great in Daoist myth and ritual’. But the paper itself wasn’t available – only the html version Google had generated of it. So I suggest saving a copy… Read more »Last chance to see?

Tao calendar

I just came across a ‘Tao Calendar’ for 2006, with photography from Jane English (the same one who makes the yarrow stalks) and text from the Daodejing and Zhuangzi. Looks like there is still time to order it before Christmas in the US though sadly not in the UK. Maybe… Read more »Tao calendar

Scepticism in Transition

More power to Mark McElroy’s elbow! He visited, and found a bunch of utterly loopy speculation about divination. (How those who divine are ‘insecure and dependent’, thanks to our unfulfilled childhoods!) He did not get flustered; he sent a calm, rational and intelligent email about this to the site… Read more »Scepticism in Transition

Mystic Visions Personal Growth Blog » Communing With The Universe – The Power Of Oracles

Asoka Selvarajah has good and intelligent things to say about the benefits of speaking with oracles often, as “where our individual soul touches the Soul of the Universe.” I’m always going to enjoy articles that conclude like this: “Hence, you should choose an oracle and use it regularly. The Tarot… Read more »Mystic Visions Personal Growth Blog » Communing With The Universe – The Power Of Oracles

I Ching accountability

Here’s a small idea for keeping readings in mind. Choose a friend (carefully!), share your reading with them – or share its core message with them, if they don’t know the I Ching – and ask them to remind you of it whenever they think you need it. I’ve just… Read more »I Ching accountability