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Changes to I Ching reading services

Update! I’ve just revised my I Ching reading services once again. See this post for what’s new, or just go straight to the reading pages to learn more.

I’ve been brainstorming, planning and consulting with Yi, and have settled on this much-simplified choice of I Ching reading services:

  • Discussing and clarifying your situation and the best question(s) to ask: free
  • 10 minute summary reading by phone £7
  • In-depth consultation, by phone or email, £47

There are two major changes here. First, I’ve removed email readings as a separate, mid-price category, because they actually take more time and energy than phone readings. I suspect this is because divination is naturally an interaction between two people, and it’s harder to create that when you have to ‘interact’ with a computer screen first. And secondly, the in-depth consultation will now be able to include a supplementary, related reading or two if that’s needed to set the first reading in context. I’m looking for other ideas to improve the in-depth readings – suggestions welcome.

The big purpose of all this is actually not just to work for more than minimum wage (not that that’s a bad idea… 😉 ). It’s to free up time and energy so I can really get to work producing more information and guidance for people to get to know the I Ching for themselves. This is a truly exciting prospect for me. Seeing the effect of the I Ching course has been a delight already, but there’s plenty of scope yet to reach further. Imagine a world where… say… one person in a hundred was open to the wonders of synchronicity – had that sense of an extra dimension of meaning to life, of being ‘at home’ in a living cosmos… Or one person in ten…

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