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Synchronicity and inner work

Reading Steve Pavlina’s blog (always a good idea), I came across a post entitled ‘There is no out there’.
It’s about a healer who works by healing the reflection of the other person within himself. Mind-boggling.

And that reminded me of a story I heard Stephen Karcher tell – click here to listen.
It does me good to hear these things – shunts me firmly out of the comfort zone where divination and synchronicity just send messages from ‘out there’ to ‘in here’.

5 responses to Synchronicity and inner work

  1. You see this freaks me out. If everything is in here and my boyfriend for example is my creation, that means I’m alone and you and everyone else is my creation, etc. So if you reply to this, it’s not you replying it’s me replyinig to me. I really have a problem with that becuase I think it’s said the greatest fear is that of being alone, and this story indicates that I’m alone with just lots of phantom creations.

  2. I don’t quite subscribe to it all, myself – not to the point where I’m replying to myself here, anyway 😉 . But I think that before you could believe it all, you’d need to expand your idea of ‘I’ so much that being ‘alone’ would no longer hold any fear. You can’t be alone in the big world if there is no world bigger than you are.

  3. If things are viewed from the principle of oneness,no seperation.The whole is interacting with its parts and this parts mentaly believe they are seperate

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