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More I Ching commentary

It’s amazing what a search or two can turn up. The ‘China Adoption Blog’ turns out to have an I Ching section, where Grant is working his way through steadily with commentary on each hexagram. He’s just reached Hexagram 22, but you can click through to the I Ching category and read through from the beginning. His comments are mostly based on the trigrams – including nuclear ones – and they’re not half bad. He looks at 22 under a series of headings: “What’s on the top?” and “What’s on the bottom?” for the main trigrams; “What’s in the guts?” for nuclear trigrams; “What’s it from far away?” for the Judgement, and “What’s it saying up close?” for the lines.

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  1. Ooo! Now I’ll definitely have to shape up — people are actually reading it….

    Thanks for the mention!

    And if anyone spots something I’m obviously getting wrong, please let me know — I’m writing these things out as a learning exercise more than anything else.


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