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Yearly Archives: 2006

ICC: How to read for other people?

Here’s a thought-provoking thread: How to read for other people? Do you start out with a plan in mind? What order do you present things in? How much do you explain the technical stuff? And other questions, and discussion of wuwei, and more. Continue Reading

Defending against distress

Often, a weekly reading will give me a general idea of something to pay attention to, and then something will come up during the week that gives me a much clearer and more specific idea of what to do. And of course, that ‘something’ that comes up stands out as if marked for me with… Continue Reading

Hexagram 42 and thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! – and thank you for being here. What could be a hexagram for the day? How about 42 – Blessing, Increase? Here’s the vessel overflowing with good things (or maybe with good things pouring in) – “My cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…”… Continue Reading

Hexagram 31 – making space

My reading for last week was Hexagram 31, Influence. And yesterday afternoon, at the final rehearsal before that evening’s concert, the conductor asked the orchestra to ‘make space’ for the solo violinist. ‘Above the mountain is a lake. Influence. Noble one accepts people with emptiness.’ Being part of an orchestra always means being open to… Continue Reading

Multiple changing lines again

Here is a wholly new approach to multiple changing lines, from an equally new I Ching blog. It’s another method for isolating a single line among the many to focus on. This isn’t something I’m generally very interested in, myself. I take the view that you’re given more than one line for a reason, and… Continue Reading

Free-flowing answers

Here’s an example from personal experience of how the message of a reading can attune you to the larger flow of what you need. My advice for last week from Yi was Hexagram 59, Dispersing, moving at lines 2 and 3 to 53, Gradual Development. I’m happy to see 53 as a backdrop or underlying… Continue Reading

How long is the answer accurate?

“Hi, Hilary: I have a question. When I consult the I Ching, how long is the answer-advice accurate? An hour, a day, a week? Does it vary? How is one to know? Thank you for your attention, and have a nice day. Christopher” The simplest way to know how long any advice applies for is… Continue Reading

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