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Yearly Archives: 2006

I Ching reading

If I weren’t busy Christmassing, I’d be reading all the excellent Yi-related links Luis keeps finding and posting at the I Ching Community. If you have a moment, take a look at all these.

Dispersing armies

…or, more on how relating hexagrams work. This post will have to be somewhat vague in places to avoid going into details about the other people involved in the reading. But the gist is that I had a to-do list as long as my arm of Christmas preparations, and was working my way through it… Continue Reading

I Ching mentoring

I’m making some changes to my I Ching reading services, so here’s a quick update. Out with the old… I’m no longer offering short readings for £7. I found that I could either gallop through the reading (not good) or go way over the advertised time, and all told I was spending anything up to… Continue Reading

Daoism on winter

Here’s a lovely article by Michelle Wood on Hexagram 24 and Winter Solstice – capturing the quality of the time. Continue Reading

Original I Ching

Dan Stackhouse’s ‘Original I Ching’ is back! Here you can browse early forms of the hexagram names, learn to build an ‘I Ching mandala’, and read some very interesting characterisations of the trigrams – xun as ‘memory’, for instance. Dan’s comments on each hexagram are worth reading. They’re short, semi-poetic, and inspired only by the… Continue Reading

Yi makes a difference

About a month ago, I turned to Yi in complete frustration. I’d been listening to podcasts from Steve and Erin Pavlina, both talking about how enthusiastically they leapt out of bed in the early morning, eager to get to their work, because they knew their purpose in life. And I thought – this is well… Continue Reading

More I Ching commentary

It’s amazing what a search or two can turn up. The ‘China Adoption Blog’ turns out to have an I Ching section, where Grant is working his way through steadily with commentary on each hexagram. He’s just reached Hexagram 22, but you can click through to the I Ching category and read through from the… Continue Reading

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