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I Ching mentoring

I’m making some changes to my I Ching reading services, so here’s a quick update.

Out with the old…

I’m no longer offering short readings for £7. I found that I could either gallop through the reading (not good) or go way over the advertised time, and all told I was spending anything up to two hours on each one. It’s not that I mind giving my time away – I enjoy it – but I’d rather do so more simply.

In with the new…

I’ve just introduced a new service: I Ching mentoring. It works a little like coaching, with a monthly agreement and weekly phone calls: the difference is that you’re essentially enrolling the I Ching as your personal life coach. All the details are here.

And – since, like I said, I like to give my time away as simply as possible – I’ll also be doing a reading or two each month for free, for anyone who can’t afford one otherwise.

I’ll have to stop doing new readings soon, unfortunately: Christmas preparations loom. I’ll be back in January – and if you’d be interested in the mentoring service, please get in touch any time to reserve a slot.

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