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Plans, intentions, and a gift

Plans, intentions, and a gift

Plans for Clarity in 2017…

I don’t have my calendar filled in with a Grand Plan for the Year, because you know how those turn out. (I’m learning that they turn into colour-coded confetti by about mid-February.) But I have some plans for the first few months, and it occurred to me you might be wondering what’s available when. So…

In January 2017 I’ll be opening for readings – the full reading service, not the smaller I Ching chats which are more or less always available (though not so much for the next couple of weeks, because Christmas). The still point round the turning of the year, the quiet before Spring, is a natural time to go deeper.

I read for at most half a dozen people at a time: I’ve found that’s a good way to ensure I have plenty of time and energy to work with each reading, mull it over and follow where it leads without hurry. The first thing I do when I open is to email people who have downloaded ‘Ways of Opening’ (a guide/ helper for finding your question), so if you’d be interested in a reading in January, please download a copy now.

In February 2017 I’ll start the class on Reading for Others. This will be very small, probably a ‘beta’ version (ie it’s inexpensive and participants will be involved in shaping and improving the class), since while I’ve been doing this for a (very) long time, I’ve never taught it before.

I won’t start anything else while ‘Reading for Others’ is still running, but later in the year I’d really like to run a Foundations Class again. The Foundations Course is always available, of course, and if you’re part of Change Circle you can always get my help with it in Yi Academy or by phone/Skype. But that’s still not the same as being part of a class, embarking on the course together and getting to know one another along the way. So… Foundations Class, later.

And other intentions…

  • share more with you (remembering my reading for the year – zhi 21)
  • take more breaks
  • spend more time with people and with Yi, and a whole lot less time in website-wrangling

A gift

Here are two downloadable ebooks I put together for you:

  • Book of Stories: an anthology of my posts on this theme over the past year, describing how you can use the stories Yi tells to understand your readings.
  • Questioning: seven articles about how we open our conversations with Yi – a mix of experiences, thoughts and suggestions

Both are pdf files, so right-click and chose ‘save target as’ or the equivalent to download them.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

Fireworks at night

Meeting the Yi lord

Meeting the Yi lord

Each year on my birthday, I ask Yi for guidance for the coming year. Then over the course of the year I revisit the reading, finding guidance and gleaning understanding as I go. At least, such is the theory. Last year’s reading, cast on 7th December 2015, was Hexagram 55, Abundance, changing at line 4… Continue Reading

Book of nuclear stories

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Book of Stories

A ‘nuclear story’ (my term for something many people have described before me) is found within a single hexagram, by ‘unpacking’ its trigrams and nuclear trigrams. It unfolds a kind of ‘hidden adventure’ for the hexagram. I realise I’ve written this up for Change Circle members in some detail (see this Wiki article and the linked… Continue Reading

23 as relating hexagram

23 as relating hexagram
This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Hexagram 23

I wrote about a core message of Hexagram 23 when it’s your cast hexagram: how it demands a true tabula rasa, not just a ‘rethink’. What about 23 as relating hexagram – what can that mean? Of course, there are 64 different ways a reading can change to Hexagram 23, but here are the six ways… Continue Reading

Hexagram 23 in readings

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Hexagram 23

The essential message of Stripping Away is devastatingly simple: ‘Stripping away. Fruitless to have a direction to go.’ Your ‘direction to go’ can be whatever plan you have in mind, your purpose or vision or intent, or something as slight as a curiosity to explore in a certain direction. The root of the idea is to… Continue Reading

Listening differently (and not posting much)

Background Well… in the first weeks of September I was bubbling over with ideas for blog posts. I’d write two, and ‘schedule’ one to be published later so as not to overdo it. And then I published that last one on Hexagram 23, and waited for inspiration to strike again… …and I’m still waiting. Oh. I’ve still… Continue Reading

Resonance Journal update!

Version 1.5 of the Resonance Journal is ready! This version includes Volume 1 of Bradford Hatcher’s Yijing – the full translation with commentary – as a built-in translation to explore via the hexagram browser and select there for use with your reading entries.  If you already have the Resonance Journal installed, you must use the updater program to… Continue Reading

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