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Stripping Away: a change of perspective

Stripping Away: a change of perspective
This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Hexagram 23

I wrote about how Stripping Away, in its ideal form as depicted by the Image, might be painless – but that’s not how the process starts, and not our dominant experience of it. Hexagram 23 typically shows up as something you have to undergo; it is fruitless to have a direction to go. You don’t… Continue Reading

The shape of Hexagram 23

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Hexagram 23

In a little post on hexagrams and scale I wrote,­ Just on this blog, I found three readings I’d shared with Hexagram 23. They were, in order: auspices for using a certain technology during a webinar. (I persuaded myself I could use it anyway, and it failed impressively.) foreshadowing my mother’s death after a debilitating… Continue Reading

Yi as inspiration

Yi tends to shape people’s thinking, and when it gets hold of an artist or writer the consequences can be thoroughly interesting… I mentioned Will Buckingham’s Sixty-Four Chance Pieces once before, but I’ll happily jump on this opportunity to recommend them again. These are 64 short stories, one inspired by each hexagram, drawing on real knowledge of… Continue Reading

Why dragons fight in hexagram 2

Why dragons fight in hexagram 2

The second chapter of David Pankenier’s lovely book, Astrology and Cosmology in Early China – Conforming Earth to Heaven – rejoices in the title, ‘Watching for dragons.’ In it he talks in detail about the dragon of Hexagram 1, and also proposes a whole new idea about why the dragons are fighting in 2.6. For a long time (since… Continue Reading

Book of (very big) stories

Book of (very big) stories
This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Book of Stories

The fourth kind of Yijing story I mentioned when I first called it a ‘Book of Stories’ was the huge narrative arcs of the Sequence – ‘you are here’ on the grand scale. Which is an easy bullet-point to write, but not so easy to expand on. Also, I’m no longer entirely sure that ‘narrative’ is… Continue Reading

Apple pie?

Apple pie?

Tucked away in a hidden corner of Harmen Mesker’s Yijing site, there’s a very interesting blog, Lessons from the Lake. Its author is learning from Harmen how to read the Yi through its trigrams, and as she puts what she learns into practice she writes clear, detailed posts about it all. An interested reader can follow… Continue Reading

A string sort of thing: hexagrams 3 and 40

A string sort of thing: hexagrams 3 and 40

The Image of Hexagram 3, Sprouting, says, ‘Clouds, thunder, Sprouting. A noble one weaves warp and weft.’ or as Bradford Hatcher translates, ‘sorts warp from weft’. What the noble one does is just two characters: jinglun, 經綸. Jing is the same word as in Yijing and literally means the warp threads on a loom, and by extension the structure… Continue Reading

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