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or – why is Clarity here? I’ve been running Clarity now for some eight years, so this post’s probably about eight years overdue. What can I say? I’m a bit slow at times. Also, hopefully some things have got clearer for me since 2000. Why is Clarity here? Because I… Read more »Direction

Are you free at the weekend?

…because if enough people are interested, we could get together online to chat and explore a shared reading. These live events are normally only for Change Circle people, but this one’s open to all Clarity members. Please come and read the thread about this and… vote in the poll to… Read more »Are you free at the weekend?

Turnaround in Hexagram 39

Hexagram 39 is called ‘Difficulties’ or ‘Limping’. It describes the experience of a perpetual uphill struggle: just one thing after another, grinding on and on, battling with handicaps or with the elements or with an unforgivingly inhospitable world… …and it also describes the moment when you turn this around. I’ve… Read more »Turnaround in Hexagram 39

Clarity from Chasms

Hexagram 30 follows from Hexagram 29; Clarity emerges from the Repeating Chasms. They form one of those landmark pairs in the Yijing: an opposite, ‘dragon gate’ pair, with every line changing to transform from one hexagram to the next. They’re very obvious ‘opposites’, these two. Chasms and Clarity; darkness and… Read more »Clarity from Chasms

Asking how he feels

This topic’s been discussed more than once at the I Ching Community, where I Ching beginners very often show up asking questions like, ‘What does he feel about me?’ Goodness knows this is an absolutely normal, human thing to want to ask – but anyone who’s watched a few of… Read more »Asking how he feels

Living Change I Ching podcast 3

Here’s the latest Living Change for you to download, with a reading on how to nurture creativity. Please comment! (I’m especially interested in thoughts on practical ways to respond to the reading.) Change Circle members will find the promised interview in the members area. I’m aware that this business of… Read more »Living Change I Ching podcast 3