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Yearly Archives: 2008

Clarity and compassion

Hexagram 30 is Clarity – the moment of insight and the capacity for it – and one of its key attributes is ‘holding together’. This has to do with the capacity of mind and heart to hold to truth, and also with the way in which living things hold to one another. Truly perceiving another… Continue Reading

Unasked questions

Unasked questions

A couple of my most startling, transformative readings lately have come when I asked questions I could and should have asked a year or more ago. The issues were on my mind – in some cases driving all I did – yet it never dawned on me to talk with Yi about them. It doesn’t… Continue Reading

I Ching on Obama

A round-up of readings from the run-up to the election, with thanks to Google. The earliest pertinent reading I found was from 24th May: “What will an Obama presidency bring to the nation?” Now, there’s some ambiguity around this reading: for one thing, by July the original poster was saying the question had been different;… Continue Reading

The technological I Ching

I love the way the I Ching finds its way into the heart of the modern world. I’m just deeply tickled to see our beloved 3,000-year-old oracle appearing as the I Ching for iPhone, or the Oracle watch. Whoever thought of calling this the ‘Book of Changes’ was really onto something. (Though it’s sort-of funny… Continue Reading

What Yi answers

It’s one of those FAYQ*: “Does the Yijing always answer the question you ask?” My standard answer is yes, almost always. And yes, it is always good to assume in the first place that this is what’s happened, and you’re looking at an answer to your question. The alternative – always wondering whether perhaps it… Continue Reading

I Ching chat tomorrow

There’s an I Ching online chat tomorrow – simple text chat as far as I know – run by our own Petrosianii (aka Eric Bryant). It’s at 2pm Eastern time (you can check other timezones here): full details here. Continue Reading

Living Change I Ching Podcast 2

Here’s the second episode – shorter than I’d intended, but it’s here. Today’s reading is about money, and came out rather more topical than I’d planned. I hope you enjoy; please comment to your heart’s content. Links mentioned in the audio: The music is from here; Change Circle is here (or if you’ve already joined,… Continue Reading

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