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A patchwork of hexagrams

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series The Wings

Introducing the Zagua The Yi became the Yijing, a Classic book, as it grew its Ten Wings: ten bodies of commentary and reflections on the oracle and its hexagrams. The Zagua, ‘Mixed hexagrams’, is the tenth and last of these: a short, simple, rhyming description of the hexagrams in pairs.… Read more »A patchwork of hexagrams

Repeating Chasms

In this fourteenth episode of the I Ching with Clarity podcast, Sasha shares a relationship reading: Hexagram 29, the Repeating Chasms, with no changing lines: If you’ve ever wondered what to make of an unchanging reading, this one could be helpful: we take our time exploring the hexagram’s atmosphere, its… Read more »Repeating Chasms

Rain on a window


The Yijing mentions rain several times – in Hexagram 9, and then in 38.6, 43.3, 50.3 and 62.5. What does it represent? Wilhelm, writing about 50.3, has a succinct answer: ‘The fall of rain symbolizes here, as in other instances, release of tension.’ Wilhelm is (here, as in other instances)… Read more »Rain

water overflowing a fountain basin

On the cusp

Episode 13 of the I Ching with Clarity podcast features an author who’s on the cusp of sending her book out into the world, just not quite sure why she doesn’t feel ready for this. Is this the time, or should she wait? Yi gave her Hexagram 42, Increasing, changing… Read more »On the cusp

rough mountain track

Puzzling over 54, line 1

It’s a not-unfamiliar experience with readings: the oracle text of the hexagram says one thing, and then a moving line says something quite different. You probably know the basic principle: the moving line text takes precedence. It’s the ‘You Are Here’ sign to the hexagram’s overall scene-setting. Still, it’s worth… Read more »Puzzling over 54, line 1

About a snake

Pamela contributed a thoroughly unusual reading for episode 12 of the podcast… She asked, ‘What do I need to know about the snake?’ and Yi answered with Hexagram 8, Seeking Union, changing at lines 1, 3 and 5 to 36, Brightness Hiding: changing to Here’s the snake in question (with… Read more »About a snake

fish on plate

Too many readings?

This was going to be a simple post A worried client emailed me. He’d just been organising his journal, listing all his readings, and found there were a whole lot more on one topic than he’d thought. He said he was wondering if he’d become ‘a bit of a Yi-aholic.’… Read more »Too many readings?