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Repeating Chasms

Repeating Chasms

In this fourteenth episode of the I Ching with Clarity podcast, Sasha shares a relationship reading: Hexagram 29, the Repeating Chasms, with no changing lines:

If you’ve ever wondered what to make of an unchanging reading, this one could be helpful: we take our time exploring the hexagram’s atmosphere, its context – where it comes from, what it isn’t saying – and, most importantly, what Sasha recognises about it.

I also experimented with adding an ‘interlude’ mid-reading to explain how I was using the patterns of the extended Sequence to tell more of the reading’s story. Let me know whether that’s useful!

If you’d like to have a reading in a future episode – it’s free, of course – please book here.

5 responses to Repeating Chasms

  1. I so enjoyed this podcast. I learned something about the complex and broad and deep meanings to be found in the I Ching. The consideration of looking at the hexagram before and after opened up a new level for me. Thank you.

  2. Gosh thank great stuff! Really helpful to talk about the hexagrams in terms of a block with a certain quality or direction of movement & the before/after hexagrams. Thank you

  3. Thanks to you both for sharing your insights and wisdom. I so appreciate being able to listen and learn more about 29, unchanging hexagrams, and the larger sequence. Excellent and useful commentary, Hilary! And Sasha, I wish you well.

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