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On the cusp

water overflowing a fountain basin

Episode 13 of the I Ching with Clarity podcast features an author who’s on the cusp of sending her book out into the world, just not quite sure why she doesn’t feel ready for this. Is this the time, or should she wait?

Yi gave her Hexagram 42, Increasing, changing at lines 5 and 6 to 24, Returning:

changing to

Line 5 is lovely:

‘True and confident, with a benevolent heart,
No question: good fortune from the source.
Truth, confidence and benevolence are my own strength.’

Hexagram 42, line 5

Line 6… isn’t:

‘Absolutely no increase in this,
Maybe someone strikes this one.
The heart’s foundation is not lasting,

Hexagram 42, line 6

What to make of the contrast, and the ‘scary’ line?

Here’s the episode –


2 thoughts on “On the cusp”

  1. 42.6 indeed ‘Machiavellian’. – Conjoined with the act of ‘giving ‘ (46.5) to that one particular person reveal a powerful motif in the whole story.

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