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Chinese character yong, 'perpetual'

Yi on authenticity

This is episode 11 of the I Ching with Clarity podcast, featuring another listener’s reading. Sarah asked, “How can I better convey my authentic and true self with others?” and Yi replied with Hexagram 45, Gathering, changing at lines 4,5 and 6 to 23, Stripping Away – changing to It’s… Read more »Yi on authenticity

close-up of old gate latch

Out of the gate

This is by way of a follow-up to my ‘Dispersing Nourishment‘ reading. I thought I’d share as it’s another reading that shows how Yi helps with the small stuff, and on multiple levels. Besides, I appreciate the eloquence of the trigrams in this one. Background, reading… My joints ache –… Read more »Out of the gate

A sage bush

Dispersing Nourishment

This is an embarrassingly ‘first world problems’ kind of reading, but happily Yi doesn’t judge – and it was tremendously helpful at the time, so I thought it would be a good one to share. The background How were things for you in March 2020? Round here, they were just… Read more »Dispersing Nourishment

fou vessel

Three pots

Introducing the 缶 fou jar Here’s another character that occurs just three times in the Yijing: fou 缶. This is a vessel for holding liquids, something like an amphora, with a narrow neck and large body. It’s originally a pottery jar – that’s the first meaning of the character –… Read more »Three pots

Green-backed heron

Advice for an author

Episode 10 of the I Ching with Clarity podcast features a listener’s reading. Lynn Keller’s book, Thanksgiving in America, is just coming out; she asked Yi what her focus should be now with the book, and received Hexagram 33, Retreating, changing at lines 3 and 4 to 20, Seeing. changing… Read more »Advice for an author

ancient wall at Machu Picchu

Foundations: trusting the oracle

When I teach the Yijing Foundations Class – which I’ll be doing again in September – I concentrate on the few really necessary basics for good readings: ways to relate to all the imagery (words and trigrams) understanding the structure of a reading (primary, relating, lines positions)and also knowing what… Read more »Foundations: trusting the oracle

Mirror reflecting a window

Reflecting stories

How lucky we are that scholars have dug out some of the ancient stories ‘behind’ the Yijing – stories its authors would have known naturally, but that can require some real ingenuity to ferret out nowadays. Hexagrams 55 and 56, Abundance and the Traveller Hexagram 55 is Abundance, and Abundance,… Read more »Reflecting stories