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Yi on authenticity

Yi on authenticity

This is episode 11 of the I Ching with Clarity podcast, featuring another listener’s reading.

Sarah asked,

“How can I better convey my authentic and true self with others?”

and Yi replied with Hexagram 45, Gathering, changing at lines 4,5 and 6 to 23, Stripping Away –

changing to

It’s a deep, rich reading, profoundly reassuring.

As we were talking about 45.5 –

‘Gathering together has a position.
No mistake.
No trust at all.
From the source, ever-flowing constancy.
Regrets vanish.’

Hexagram 45, line 5

– I showed Sarah this page of ancient forms of the character yong, ‘perpetual, ever-flowing’, which shows a human figure flowing with the river currents. The story it reminded me of was this one, from Zhuangzi.

Enjoy the reading! And if you’d like a free podcast reading yourself, you’re very welcome to apply here.

2 responses to Yi on authenticity

  1. The reservoir has the fullness and potential to feed many crops, provide much nourishment, much help for a diversity of services. There is a wealth of potentially valuable resource… according to individual’s requirements… Or not! …To grow crops, to feed animals, power a mill to grind corn, to cleanse oneself, to feed a pond for fish. The key is to strip away the possible facades & falsities of oneself to BE & express one’s true nature in any gathering in order to bring forth the service or nourishment required for one’s own purpose. Stripping away to a truth of being. A clarity of self/identity/aim/expression.
    The strongest & fittest animals are chosen by the priests / brought forward as sacrifice. These animals are the fullest, healthiest, truest & ‘best’ expressions of their species, of their own kind. They cannot help their authenticity of being exactly what they are.
    One can only be recognised by others of like mind by expressing oneself authentically.
    A person will not benefit from the reservoir if they ask for water for their crops but in truth they are not a farmer, they have no crops, but they are a miller seeking a way to drive a mill for corn…. Or maybe they are a person with a reservoir of their own who has all the water they will ever need but is in fact in search of seeds, or wood, or fire but have found themselves at another reservoir through false convictions born of misinformation & confusion.
    The reservoir / the group of people is a rich potential resource. One has to strip away oneself / achieve clarity / open to authentic self to access befitting/beneficial connections….
    Just thoughts.

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