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Well, I’m nicely immersed in all things Christmassy, from tree lights and outings and wrapping paper to the strange dearth of Brussels sprouts in the supermarkets. (Is there a national shortage? Why did nobody tell us?) I fetched my brother over on the 21st, and I’ll take him back on… Read more »De-husking

And another online interpretation

Here you go – another complete line-by-line I Ching commentary, originally written as scripts for a phone service. With thanks to Topal at the ICC for the link.

Hexagram images

Here’s an album of images for hexagrams 1 through 22. Each also comes with brief notes, which have been lifted from Chris Lofting’s work.

New in the free online I Ching

…is one more translation. I’ve just added my own working translation to Clarity’s plain-text online I Ching reading. You’ll see it in the drop-down menu of translations provided you’re logged in – like this: (It looks indescribably pretentious, but I couldn’t think what else to put in the space available.)… Read more »New in the free online I Ching

I Ching interpretation to download

Michael Graeme has generously provided his own in-depth, line-by-line notes on the I Ching as a free download, here. I’ve only just started looking through this myself, but it’s clearly thoughtful, intelligent work, worth studying. Thank you, Michael!

New article on Hexagram 47

I’ve just posted a new article in response to a request for help with Hexagram 47. Although its basic qualities are very clear and distinctive, it can be a tricky one to apply in practice. How to respond to those images of encircling walls, mistrust, and the lake that drains… Read more »New article on Hexagram 47