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New in the free online I Ching

…is one more translation.

I’ve just added my own working translation to Clarity’s plain-text online I Ching reading. You’ll see it in the drop-down menu of translations provided you’re logged in – like this:

online I Ching reading screenshot

(It looks indescribably pretentious, but I couldn’t think what else to put in the space available.) If it’s not visible, you need to join or login, and you’ll find links for both of these by clicking ‘More I Ching links’ at the top right.

I was going to leave it at that, and make the pdf of the whole thing available only to paying clients. Then I made a test reading, and received Hexagram 42, Increase or Blessing, moving to Hexagram 2. Moving lines…

‘Harvest when you apply this to make great beginnings.
Great good fortune, no mistake.’

So far, so good. 🙂

‘Sincere and confident, with a benevolent heart,
No question: good fortune from the source.
Sincerity, confidence and benevolence are my own de.’

Happy Christmas. 🙂

‘Absolutely no blessing for this one,
Maybe someone strikes her.
To order your heart without perseverance –

Um, maybe I should think this through again…

So I did. A further reading, involving Hexagram 18, gave me insight into where this desire to hold back was coming from, and suggested it was time for me to move beyond it. I wrote an ‘Acknowledgements’ section and downloaded OpenOffice to create the pdf version, which you can download from the members’ area.

4 responses to New in the free online I Ching

  1. This is a fabulous offering, Hilary , and a wonderful holiday gift. Thank you. What I would love to see published and on the shelves of book stores is a transcript of all the readings and interpretations you have done over the years, using anonymous names of course. You have a genius for interpretation and I think a book like that would be so valuable. I could be wrong but there seems to be so few books which illuminate the process of a reading, and how it is worked through with the particular querent and querent’s circumstances…esp readings with multiple lines. Just an idea…it would be on my wish list!

  2. Thank you, Adele, Ewald (that means a lot coming from you!) and Jean.

    Jean – I agree with you about the value of reviewing other people’s readings to get insight into the whole process. But part of my service is a promise not to share anything about the reading, even anonymously. (I can’t remember whether I still use those exact words, but I certainly used to.) So I let accumulated experiences feed into my interpretations, but without ever mentioning specific incidents unless they’re either my own experience or from the forum.

    Maybe there’s a way to do something with the wealth of readings at the forum… food for thought, thanks…

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