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New article on Hexagram 47

I’ve just posted a new article in response to a request for help with Hexagram 47.

Although its basic qualities are very clear and distinctive, it can be a tricky one to apply in practice. How to respond to those images of encircling walls, mistrust, and the lake that drains away into the stream? Is this a depressing outlook of relationship breakdown or fears of self-delusion, or does it actively encourage self-reliance? Or is it a simple, neutral picture of enclosure?

I actually received this one before I had my site redesigned: I’d been looking at various designers, and asked how it would be once again to do the job myself. When I received hexagram 47, with its associations of exhaustion and entrapment, I seized on the excuse to go back to my original plan and outsource the work. But was this the best decision?

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