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I Ching texts online

I had an email asking if I knew of a complete I Ching online, so you could cast your coins while away from home and look up the hexagrams without carrying a book. I suggested LiSe’s site, and Wilhelm (available from this site in both English and French), and Brad’s, though since this is in pdf format it might be trickier to access from public computers. If you have any other suggestions for complete, reliable online translations that are easy to access, let me know and I’ll pass them on.


Ewald Berker’s online I Ching has an interface especially designed for exactly this kind of use: a page to enter hexagram lines or numbers. If you know the number of the hexagram you received you can type it in directly; if not, you can click on each line of the hexagram in turn to ‘draw’ the relevant figure.

I tried this myself, and found that, depending on how many changing lines you receive, you may need to make several requests to see all the texts related to your answer. You can always access the Judgements by identifying each hexagram as ‘unchanging’, and moving lines by identifying them as the only one changing.

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