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I Ching journal software

======================== Update! There’s now software available here at Clarity to keep a complete journal – not only of Yijing readings, but also of dreams, synchronicities and more. Created by Justin Farrell, it’s the successor to his I Ching Journal reviewed below. It’s called the Resonance Journal. ========================   Why would you… Read more »I Ching journal software

Camped on the left

…or ‘Where did Hilary go?’ Well… I sit myself down in front of a task and my brain goes on strike. It’s got quite radical about it: ‘Sit and stare at the screen all you like,’ it says, ‘but if you think anything useful is getting done here, you’ve got… Read more »Camped on the left

Hexagram 53 - pair of geese in flight

Hexagram 53 musings

‘Gradual advance. The woman marries. Good fortune. Constancy bears fruit.’ Hexagrams 53 and 54, Gradual Advance and the Marrying Maiden, are what Stephen Karcher calls ‘The Great Marriages’. So what does ‘marriage’ mean? To a large extent, that depends on your perspective: in old China, marriage for the man means… Read more »Hexagram 53 musings

Deeper waters

I enjoy the basement of Oxford’s remaindered/discount book shop – all kinds of entertaining things end up there. My latest trip yielded The Psychic Tourist by William Little, a journalistic book in which he investigates one claim after another (psychics, mediumship, remote viewing…), typically finding good stories that turn out to… Read more »Deeper waters

Responses to lines

Technology has apparently come full circle: first we made every word count as we laboriously inked, scratched or engraved them by hand; then the printing press brought doorstop-sized novels (and Yijing commentaries likewise); now a phone with a 100 character limit prompts these brief responses to hexagrams, lines and commentaries:… Read more »Responses to lines

Introducing Ravi Walsh

…at the last possible moment! I was very, very lucky that Ravi Walsh agreed to step in at the last minute after one of the Festival of Change speakers had to drop out. He’s a spiritual life coach who works with a method of his own creation – or maybe… Read more »Introducing Ravi Walsh