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Yearly Archives: 2010

Introducing Claire Hayes

In the Festival of Change, Claire Hayes will be helping with the integrating phase of a reading. You know… the moment when you understand what it’s saying to you, and the only minor detail left to deal with is actually changing in response. Occasionally this is easy – as simple as buy A, not B… Continue Reading

Introducing James Warlock

Every time I mentioned some new aspect of the Festival of Change to a certain friend and mentoring client, she’d tell me I really needed to talk to James about that. Looking at his various websites, I could see what she meant – lots of breadth there, signs of a wholesome, down-to-earth attitude and a… Continue Reading

Introducing Tori Janaya

I only got to know Tori because a friend recommended her as a speaker for the Festival of Change. I started reading her blog, was smitten, and then downloaded her audio about full spectrum listening. Normally this is only available when you sign up on her site, but she’s given us this excerpt you can… Continue Reading

A reading for Jennifer

Another example reading for you, this one for Jennifer Louden, whom I just introduced. I’m reading for as many of the Festival of Change speakers before the event as would like to be read for – obviously, not everyone has something share-able going on that calls for a reading. But Jen does… she’s moved by… Continue Reading

Introducing Jennifer Louden

Jennifer Louden‘s an opening speaker – and a speaker about ‘opening’ – for the Festival of Change. I asked her to participate after I discovered her ‘listening to the question’ audio. As you might imagine, the title caught my attention – I spend a whole lot of time listening to questions, other people’s as well… Continue Reading

Shape of a reading

I’ve been talking with each speaker for the Festival of Change, bouncing ideas around, discussing what we’ll cover in their call, and getting to the point where – never mind the whole running-an-event, selling-tickets thing – I’m really looking forward to this just for what I can learn from these people. Anyway… I’ve tried to… Continue Reading

A reading for Pamela

Some background to this… Pamela Moss is one of the speakers for Festival of Change; I asked her to talk about integration, carrying change through in practice, as I happen to know she’s Very Good At This, and she said ‘yes’, and I danced round the room a bit, in a reserved, English sort of… Continue Reading

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