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Introducing Claire Hayes

In the Festival of Change, Claire Hayes will be helping with the integrating phase of a reading. You know… the moment when you understand what it’s saying to you, and the only minor detail left to deal with is actually changing in response. Occasionally this is easy – as simple as buy A, not B – and more often than not it really isn’t. Very often, I find myself saying apologetically to a client that yes, I get the easy job, providing a nice, clear interpretation. Then they’re left with the task of gathering resolution to act, or taking the risk of contacting someone, or letting an emotional attachment go… and this is not easy.

This is where EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – can help. And when I started asking round to see if there was an EFT expert who would be willing to join us and teach us how to use the method to help get readings through into reality, I was naturally pretty chuffed when the person who volunteered had the domain name EFT4change.

I don’t have a share-able reading with Claire, but you can get a good sense of her ‘voice’ from this article, ‘All is Change, and from her excellent free ‘pocket EFT’ series – all good, immediately-useful stuff.

I asked Yi what gift Claire brings, and received Hexagram 55, Abundance, changing at lines 2, 3 and 4 to 19, Nearing. This one is taking a little more thinking about than previous ‘gift’ readings, but I think I’m starting to get it…

Hexagram 55 describes that moment when you’ve received the sign – the eclipse at noon making the Dipper visible, the oracle that tells you not to hide away in the mourning hut but to make your offerings and march out… – and now you have to decide and act. There’s pressure, there’s perfect darkness, and there’s the imperative to be the king and take on responsibility.

Abundance Nearing… this means partly that it’s a growing presence, I think, and partly that you’re growing in strength and presence yourself, which is certainly an aspect of 55. (It’s ‘the Nearing-experience of Abundance’.) 19 tends to mean becoming the responsible adult, the one with the overview, who is most definitely not a victim. In this case I get the feeling that it points to personal strength ‘nearing’, rising within you as a kind of inner ally and approaching the challenges of 55.

(I think there’s a lot more to be understood about 19 here, though… not least since it’s also the relating hexagram in the reading about Tori Janaya’s gift.)

So Claire comes in at just this moment of ‘easier said than done’ as you understand what you’re called on to do. Then the moving lines…

‘Feng is screened off.
At midday, seeing the Dipper.
Going on gains doubts and anxieties.
With truth and confidence coming to expression,
Good fortune.’
‘Feng is flooded with darkness
At midday, seeing a froth of light.
Your right arm broken,
Not a mistake.’
‘Feng is screened off
At midday, seeing the Dipper.
Meeting your hidden lord,
Good fortune.’
These lines actually make a lot of intuitive sense to me because I’ve already had an EFT session with Claire. There was the experience of encountering anxieties about going on, confusion and helplessness to act – things which I’d normally shove very firmly under the rug – and accepting them all. (Yi says ‘no mistake’; EFT says ‘I love and accept myself completely’.) And from there, allowing truth to come to expression, and even meeting the mysterious hidden lord who somehow becomes an ally.
I’ve yet to read a sensible explanation of how EFT works, but I do have this experience of what was threatening, or concealed, or both, somehow turning into an ally and source of strength. It’s not entirely describable, but I would definitely recommend you join the Festival and experience it. Tomorrow (Saturday 28th) is the final day for the ‘early bird’ reduced price.

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