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Introducing Ravi Walsh

…at the last possible moment!

I was very, very lucky that Ravi Walsh agreed to step in at the last minute after one of the Festival of Change speakers had to drop out. He’s a spiritual life coach who works with a method of his own creation – or maybe it would be better to call it a method of his own discovery, as it sounds as though it rather created itself – called Symbolic Tracking. You can read about that here – and you’ll see why he’s a good fit for a Festival celebrating living in the flow of change, and all our ways of connecting with it.

Ravi was delighted when I told him we have 90 minutes for his call, as that means there’s time for him to share the whole process he uses with his clients. Though we’ve only had time to talk once, I get the distinct impression of someone who’s itching to give as much as possible…

…which makes sense considering that Yi describes the gift he offers as Great Possession in Small Taming – 14.4.5 changing to 9.

I actually get the feeling this reading’s talking both about Ravi and what he gives, and also what role there is for me to play to allow him to give it. I’ll be the ‘small farmer’ for this call, the one who takes care of the terrain and makes it ready. I think I can probably also expect to experience some of the ‘not quite there yet’ frustration of Small Taming, running round managing the technical things rather than being able to settle into the call and get the full benefit of it. (I hope I’m wrong – but I’ll have the recording to listen to again and again when I’m not under pressure, and that will be good.)

Also, line 4 leaps out at me –

‘It is not for you to dominate,
No mistake.’

This is the line about beating your war drum, trying to get the world to march to your rhythm. I’ve found the ‘no mistake’ in this line is often responding to a certain fear that if you’re not controlling things, they’re really not being done properly. Well… most of the calls will be in an ‘interview’ format, more or less; Ravi will be shaping his call as he goes along. And yes, I’m so new to the way he works that some part of me does want to take back control. This line is certainly talking to me.

Come to think of it, though, this is also talking about Ravi. His work is absolutely not about what he says anyone should be doing, following, experiencing etc… it’s entirely guided by the rhythm set by the individual’s experience.

Line 5 I do think is Ravi’s:

‘His truth interacts, strikes awe –
Good fortune.’

This is a gift that connects with Hexagram 1, Creative Force. (Interestingly, the same line came up in a reading I did for – and about – James Warlock, that I’ve yet to share on the blog.) It’s hugely full of energy and has the potential to be a little overwhelming (something I can relate to after talking with Ravi). Here’s what I wrote about this line in the book, trying to capture that uncompromising purity of Hexagram 1:

Pure, undiminished truth communicates directly and with great force. It is not compromised by trying to convey a specific message or create a particular outcome, but speaks consistently and powerfully through what it is.

You will make the most profound and lasting difference simply by being who you are, without dilution and without ulterior motives.

The Festival begins tomorrow, Saturday, at 3pm UK time. There is still time to join! (It doesn’t matter if you miss a call or two, as they’re all being recorded.)

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