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Happy holidays!

I’ve just added another ebook to the little ‘library’ page of free downloads for all Clarity members. It’s a handy compilation of the articles I wrote this year about periods of time in the Yijing: ‘seven days’, ‘three days’, ‘ten years’ and ‘all day’. I Ching Community discussion

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A good question

A reading of my own for this episode of the I Ching with Clarity podcast: what are the characteristics of a good question? Yi answered with Hexagram 16, Enthusiasm, changing at line 2 to 40, Release: changing to I’ve written about 16.2 a couple of times before – about its… Read more »A good question

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Change Circle lifetime access

To celebrate my upcoming birthday, I’m doing something I’ve never done before – making a big, fat special offer on Change Circle, the membership that’s the heart of Clarity. Just briefly – from now until Wednesday, December 7th – you can get lifetime access to Change Circle for a single… Read more »Change Circle lifetime access

A trigram picture of Opposing

I mentioned in a recent post how the hexagram picture of Hexagram 38, gui, Opposing, looks like the eyes in its name. The six lines together illustrate two eyes that see differently, or squint – which is one of the meanings of gui. What about the trigram picture, though –… Read more »A trigram picture of Opposing

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Dispersing a conflict

In this episode, Tricia shares her reading about how to leave a conflict behind. Yi answered with Hexagram 59, Dispersing, changing at lines 2, 4 and 5 to 35, Advancing: changing to It’s a remarkable reading – I really enjoyed exploring it with her, and I hope you will, too.… Read more »Dispersing a conflict

Hexagrams as pictures

On not knowing the first thing about the Yi Back in 2015, I titled a post, ‘I don’t know the first thing about the Yi‘. By this I meant not knowing how it came to be – how people first knew that a certain pattern of lines belonged with certain… Read more »Hexagrams as pictures