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Yearly Archives: 2007

It takes too long!

Here’s a story I’ve heard, with variations, several times; “The I Ching? Yes, I did try that when I was in college… yes, it was fascinating, I’d almost forgotten… These days? I draw a card, maybe tarot, maybe another oracle deck, and look up the meaning in the book. I don’t use the I Ching… Continue Reading

Hexagram 62 – a big transition in small steps

I’ve just added a full-length article on hexagram 62 to the ‘hexagrams’ page. I’ve tried to take guo in its simplest sense, of ‘stepping across a line’, and explore what it means to do this in a small way. It seems to me to be very difficult: it’s one thing to embark on a transition… Continue Reading

Ways to cast hexagrams with awareness

How to be really awake, casting hexagrams? How to stay aware of what we’re doing, not slip into auto-pilot from the force of long habit? Continue Reading

I Ching ubiquity…

Wandering the internet, you never know when you might come across work on I Ching prediction, or ‘life reading‘, or a book excerpt on line theory – or, of course, more I Ching blogging…  Update next day: and more I Ching blogging. Continue Reading

The Jewel of Yi

The Jewel of Yi

I asked, “What is it about Yi that makes it precious as a spiritual ‘tool’?” And received Hexagram 15, Integrity, with no changing lines: This is one of those answers that gives me an immediate glow of recognition – and then unwraps like a gift, with more and more shining layers. The name of Hexagram… Continue Reading

Please take the survey!

I’ve just uploaded a new survey to the members’ area on personal and spiritual growth fundamentals. Please visit and send me your answers – thank you! It has just three questions, so it shouldn’t take you long at all. When you look at the survey, you may wonder why I’m asking you these questions here… Continue Reading

How divination is like dessert

I just found this delicious quotation from Ram Dass: “I experience each moment like baklava: rich in this layer, and this layer, and this layer.” mmm… Except that for most people, most of the time, the baklava is covered in plastic wrap, and we’re left wondering why it doesn’t taste of much. Peeling away the… Continue Reading

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