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Yearly Archives: 2007

I Ching texts online

I had an email asking if I knew of a complete I Ching online, so you could cast your coins while away from home and look up the hexagrams without carrying a book. I suggested LiSe’s site, and Wilhelm (available from this site in both English and French), and Brad’s, though since this is in… Continue Reading

Patterns of complementary hexagrams

Every hexagram of the I Ching has its complement: the hexagram created by changing every line to its opposite. The complement of hexagram 1 is hexagram 2 – and the complement of hexagram 63 is hexagram 64 – Other complementary pairs appear through the Sequence, particularly to mark the end of each Canon. But are… Continue Reading

More patterns in the Sequence of hexagrams

J.M. Berger has been working on the King Wen Sequence of the hexagrams (that’s the traditional sequence), approaching it from an angle I hadn’t thought of or seen elsewhere. He looks at the line changes necessary to change each hexagram into the next: changing all the lines of hexagram 1 to give 2, 2.1.5 to… Continue Reading

Creating oracles

As someone working with an oracle that’s been creating itself for a few thousand years, I’m fascinated when I get a chance to see the beginnings of the process. Here are two posts from an artist, Lorena Moore, to whom it comes very naturally to create her own, with quartz crystals or from lichen. Continue Reading

How divination transforms decision-making

How divination transforms decision-making

Two things came together to make this post: first, what I’ve been learning from people telling me how they work with an oracle; secondly, a nice, sensible article from Charles Burke about decision making (sadly no longer available online). The article gave intelligent advice, some of which you may have heard before. Draw up a… Continue Reading

I Ching Meditation Images

Adele Aldridge has begun a new blog for her I Ching Meditations artwork, where she’s posting both the images and some background. So far there are images for the eight trigrams – all completely unlike the usual fare of ‘I Ching cards’. I like K’an especially. Continue Reading

Drumming the I Ching

For some years, I’ve been ‘drumming’ the I Ching from time to time. Not properly or skillfully, generally just on the nearest tabletop. I take a yang line as a single beat, and a yin line as two half beats, and set out through the Sequence in compound duple (six eight) time. It turns out… Continue Reading

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