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Creating oracles

As someone working with an oracle that’s been creating itself for a few thousand years, I’m fascinated when I get a chance to see the beginnings of the process. Here are two posts from an artist, Lorena Moore, to whom it comes very naturally to create her own, with quartz crystals or from lichen.

I’d imagine her fluency comes from her detailed familiarity with the natural world. I got a glimpse into this from the free tarot reading – using her own ‘Ironwing’ deck – that’s available from her site. The deck, she says, includes “17 rocks and minerals, 5 fossils, 29 plants, 6 fungi, 13 birds, 9 insects and their relatives, and 27 animals and sea creatures!”These are new oracles, with the texture of their creator’s personality. The Yijing is an ancient one, smoothed over the years like a pebble, honed to the essentials. But made of the same stuff, I think.

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  1. Thanks or posting this – such beautiful images and very interesting. Looking at all these “natural” images – rocks, plants, etc. makes me wish I could meet the person who creates like this. But meeting on line is better than not meeting at all.

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