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or – why is Clarity here?

I’ve been running Clarity now for some eight years, so this post’s probably about eight years overdue. What can I say? I’m a bit slow at times. Also, hopefully some things have got clearer for me since 2000.

Why is Clarity here?

Because I want to share an awareness of being at home.

This something I naturally knew as a child, started to forget somehow in my early 20s, and that Yi’s been re-teaching me ever since. It’s not easy to put into words, but as I understand it it goes something like this:

Yes, you do belong here. You’re at home in your life. Your whole self is at home here in this creation, and can grow and find complete expression and fulfillment here. ‘Here’ is altogether bigger and more spacious than we can conceive of, and there is deeper meaning woven through it all. Connection to spirit – reaching through ‘reasons why’ and ‘life purpose’ and out beyond all of that – is not just one segment of the life balance pie chart; it’s the circle itself.”

This kind of spiritual awareness is absolutely personal; it runs through the core of your being, and different people voice it in spectacularly different ways. But there is some constant, shared sense of a huge-intimate belonging-connection… (Someone help me out with the words for this, please…)

I want everyone to have this awareness – and of course it’s not something I can give to anyone.

What I can do – and what I’m trying to do here – is to provide all I can of what’s needed to make it accessible, so people can put down their own roots into their own earth. This is where Yi comes in, of course, because it’s an extraordinary way of profound connection.

There’s the instant of realisation in the individual reading that ‘this answer is talking to me’. That’s more than just an ‘aha!’ moment about the answer; it works at a deep level quite independently of the insight you glean from the actual content of the reading. And there’s also the way that ongoing conversation with the oracle fosters a constant, steady awareness of flowing connection.

Moreover, both of these – the instant of clarity, and the sustained light – happen in and through the ordinary stuff of daily life. You can divine about your purchase decisions, your career, your business, your relationships, your family, your emotional and spiritual development, where to live, why your computer isn’t working… and the connection flows through all these things. Artificial boundaries between ‘spirit’ and ‘other’ become completely unsustainable.

My guiding hexagram for the coming year is 2, the Earth. So this post is my ‘direction to go’, my idea of where I want to be. In the spirit of hexagram 2, it (naturally) doesn’t follow that I know exactly how to get there: rather, I’m out looking for guidance and ways to be of service.

One thing that does occur to me: I can provide fuller support for the whole reading process (not only the ‘interpreting’ part) by going ‘southwest’ and joining forces with other people. Yi’s guiding principle for Clarity this year:

‘With truth and confidence, hence bound together.
Rich in your neighbour.’

(Hence the partnership with Eliana Gilad on its first phase, ‘opening the space’  – see this survey.)

…I don’t have a tidy way to round off this post…

4 responses to Direction

  1. Wow! Fantastic! Yes please 😀 Can I have some of that?

    This is an extraordinarily encouraging post. Thank you for expressing the inexpressible so well. I certainly cannot put it better.

    I do, however, have some reservations concerning the apparent ease of it all. (Though as my doubts probably say more about me than anything else I will confine them to my blog.) Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could reveal this and make it available, as easy as someone coming to a well to drink (like 48, Replenishing)? I would love to be wrong, but I suspect the fact that its harder than that has to be part of the process.

  2. Thank you!

    I’ve a feeling that while being in that state of connection is as natural as breathing and twice as simple, it’s not something that can be ‘revealed’ directly at all – it’s completely non-transferable. So as soon as we start to try to help people there directly, we run headlong into brick walls. But it’s still possible to create terrain where it arises more easily. I think.

  3. Happy New Year to all Clarity Members and friends! And happy new year to you, Hilary. I have been inspired by Clarity ever since discovering your site last year. I hope to be able to contribute more to your efforts in 2009, as I feel we are kindred spirits.

    Thank for a thoughtful post, a good post to round out 2008 and get me thinking about 2009.

    There was a time when I did not belong to myself. It was a dark time. Of course, being at odds with Self, I was at odds with the outer world. That sense of belonging in this world, eluded me.

    When I reconnected with my god, my spirit, I finally belonged to myself. When I was made to be at peace with myself, then I am finding out how to be at peace with others, with the World. I belong to the world now.

    The I Ching played a significant part in coming home…

    May you be blessed this year, and always.

    Eric Bryant’s last blog post..#37 Family (cont’d)

  4. “The I Ching played a significant part in coming home…”

    Yes – for me, too. It gradually wears away at the boundaries until I start noticing where I am.

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