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Living Change I Ching podcast 3

Here’s the latest Living Change for you to download, with a reading on how to nurture creativity. Please comment! (I’m especially interested in thoughts on practical ways to respond to the reading.)

Change Circle members will find the promised interview in the members area. I’m aware that this business of downloading two files from two different sources isn’t ideal; I’ve an idea of the geeky solution for this, and I’ll implement it as soon as I can.

3 responses to Living Change I Ching podcast 3

  1. last night after tai chi me and a friend were discussing creativity and he was expressing frustration and dissatisfaction with a feeling of busyness and stress without a true or rich connection to his artistic pursuits being a American or I should say growing up in America on the east coast its one of the pinnacles of modern culture and all its trappings people walk about life as zombies the walking dead trudging thou life without truly living and being happy . Breathing can be a truly rich and powerful experience if its done in a mindful manner Steven Chambers

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