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Daoism on winter

Here’s a lovely article by Michelle Wood on Hexagram 24 and Winter Solstice – capturing the quality of the time.

3 responses to Daoism on winter

  1. Just a comment if it may be usefull, in the chinese system winter solstice is the middle of the winter, not as the beginning of winter in the western thought.


  2. Hi Togan,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I don’t usually think of the winter solstice as the beginning of winter, but I do consider it to be the start of the new year. Apparently there was some precedent for this…there was a conversation on Ray Langley’s chineseastrology list a few years ago (May 2001 according to my files) and several people supported the possibility the ancient Chinese considered this the new year, also. But then, as we know, things Change! 🙂

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