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Original I Ching

Dan Stackhouse’s ‘Original I Ching’ is back! Here you can browse early forms of the hexagram names, learn to build an ‘I Ching mandala’, and read some very interesting characterisations of the trigrams – xun as ‘memory’, for instance. Dan’s comments on each hexagram are worth reading. They’re short, semi-poetic, and inspired only by the hexagram names, not by the text or tradition. Yet they point in some good directions – often by putting an implicit question into words. I especially like Hexagram 63:

“Satisfaction of finishing a good meal.
Crossing over to order and harmony.
So, what will you do next?”

From the same site, you can contact him to buy a printable version with additional illustrations and analysis for the princely sum of $15. So now if you’ll excuse me, I have an email to write.

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