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Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, and

Happy New Year!

I’m moving gently back into work-mode, and thinking about what’ll be different this year. One personal resolution is to consult with Yi more. I know this must sound very strange coming from me, but on a couple of occasions last year, I was talking to people about projects that were very important to me, and some wise person asked me,
“What did Yi have to say about that?”
And I had to respond,
“I don’t know, I haven’t asked.”

Apart from the general embarrassment value, I have to wonder why I hadn’t asked. I think it’s because once I get the bit between my teeth on a pet project, I don’t want to be challenged or made to stop and think. Further down the road, of course, I probably find out the hard way what I should’ve stopped and thought about.

In the last week, I asked Yi where to take things next. Should I be stopping and planning, should I be pressing ahead and redesigning the website? (And I really wanted just to press ahead with the redesign.) The first line of my answer (43.1):

“Energy in your leading foot,
Going on, not in control: to act is a mistake.”

So much for my itchy feet; back to the drawing-board.

Of course I’m not suggesting that more consultation is a panacea: I think it’s much the same desire for certainty, even the same reluctance to engage with a different vision, that leads some people to over-consult obsessively. This isn’t really about how often we pick up the beads (or coins or stalks); it has more to do with willingness to let the oracle in, and being open to guidance.

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  1. Happy New Year, Hilary!

    LOL! I had to laugh at your remark that you plan to consult the Yi more. Talk about synchronicity: I just came to your entry from reading Harmen’s comment on Allan Lian’s website:

    2. I consult the Yijing approximately once every five year. Personally I find that a little bit too much – but hey, I’m addicted, I can’t be blamed for it.

    These kind of “heavenly coincidences” tickle me…



  2. Yes, I once found an obscure scholarly reference to a certain Mycroft Mesker. I believe he’s the Mesker who really understands the Yi, although his dealings with it are a bit murky. Happy New Year!


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