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Free tarot reading

I recently accepted Denise Martine’s kind offer of a free tarot reading . I asked for advice on the development of Clarity’s paid membership service (it doesn’t have a name yet!), which you’ll hear much more about after the redesigned site is finished. (Oh, by the way, it is just a new service within the current site, though Denise talks about a ‘new site’.) Her reading strikes me as very generous, especially for a free offering, and it also hits lots of nails on heads – chiefly about my inner Page, who would really like to please all the people, all the time!

Despite her advice, I’ll still be going ahead and consulting with Friends on the development of the new service; maybe this is pure obstinacy on my part, but I don’t entirely go along with Denise’s attempt to differentiate between my goals for growth on the one hand, and other people’s needs on the other. But I’m definitely moving forward with more confidence and heightened self-awareness thanks to this reading.

Denise has just started selling tarot readings online, and also giving away these free readings, which are published on her blog. You can request either from her site – and since she’s just starting out, if you get in now you’ll be at the front of the queue…

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  1. Hilary,
    I loved reading about your assessment of the reading; how you went about carefully deciding for yourself what you would do with the information. In fact, this is a very Queen of Swords thing to do: to seek and take advice, but to ultimately follow your own counsel… exactly the kind of thing your reading highlighted as something you are being called to do!

    This post also serves as a good example to others of how to process the information we get in any reading in order to come out of it with a reasonable plan of action. After all, a good reading is ultimately one that provides ideas or information we can actually put to use.

    I’m glad my reading was helpful to you, and I thank you for this kind mention of my free reading service. And you’re right about the queue… it’s filling up even as I’m writing this!

    Take care 🙂

  2. hi and nice to meet you. my name is michelle and i am 36yrs old, i j=have 5 children and i am raising them on my own, this isnt any problem as they are my children and i love them, it’s just that ever since i left home at 16 i have never been loved. i know this is probably going to sound stupid but i dont want the material thing’s in life even though they would be nice! i just want someone genuine to love me and i can love back, someone i can trust aand who would never hurt me betray in way’s i have been. is there any hope for me? i have had lot’s of sadness in my life and for the past couple of year’s i have never been unhappier than what i am now and this makes me afraid. i do hope you can help. i have to say that i do feel slightly stupid for doing this even though i believe in many of these ways, but in all honesty right now any kind of hope is muchly appreciated. thankyou for your time and i wish with all my heart this is as sincere as i am.
    your’s sincerely michelle

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