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Free call on the 26th

Just to make sure you don’t miss this…

On Sunday 26th at 7pm here in the UK (which is 11am Pacific time – and you can translate this to your own timezone here) there’s a free call to discuss synchronicity, divination and the I Ching. 

Someone just emailed to ask if this was interactive or a ‘lecture’ from me. It’s a mix of the two, really – I’ll come with some ideas to share and some questions to ask, and we can alternate presentation with discussion, so the ideas are always brought down to earth and grounded in people’s real experience.

Hopefully, the call should be open and accessible to beginners (no technical Yijing stuff) but also of interest to people who’ve known Yi for a while (no long-winded descriptions of casting coins and drawing lines). It’s also free, and if you don’t want to dial in, you can listen online instead and avoid the phone bill. (I hope most people will use the phone, though, so we can talk.)

Here’s the page where you’ll be able to listen in or get the dial-in details

Some questions I’d like to explore on the call…

  • What is synchronicity?
  • What’s divination?
  • What opens the flow of guidance/insight, and what tends to obstruct it?
  • What’s an oracle?
  • What’s unique about the Yijing? 
  • What’s divination for?

(Well, start to explore, anyway…)

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