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Vision Gardening

Much as I’d love my first post of the new year to be some brilliantly insightful Yi-related thing, I don’t seem to have any of those ready for you. However, Pamela Moss does have good things lined up already, so here is a post about those instead. More Yi-specific stuff to follow.

You might remember Pamela was a speaker for the Festival of Change last year, so she featured in a couple of posts back then. She’s a ‘vision-powered life mentor’, which seems to boil down to being very good at drawing out people’s brightest, clearest vision and then getting from ‘great idea’ to actual change. So for the Festival I asked her to help with the ‘integrating’ part of divination – the steadfastness that stays true to a reading and carries it through into reality. And she provided a superb call that was huge fun and brimming with ideas.

In my experience, Pamela has a particular gift for asking questions that cut straight through my personal waffle, but without having that 23.4 effect. She’s also moved ahead with making her own visions real, rather than faffing about procrastinating and waiting for it to be safe. She’s good at this stuff – and her work’s brought her into contact with a bunch more people who are also good at it in different ways, and that’s allowed her to understand what the people who do successful ‘vision gardening’ have in common, and express these common elements as a system you can use.

I won’t pretend there’s a vast overlap between this and Yijing things, except at the very basic level that it’s all about living more fluently and completely, but Pamela does good things, and I recommend her.

Here is one of those good things coming up on Wednesday 12th Jan:
How to Break Through What’s Been Holding You Back: WEED Your Fears and Doubts, and WATER Your Dreams.”

This is a free call, the first of a series of three on ‘the seven secrets to recharge your life and grow your dreams into reality in 2011.’ It’s at 8pm Eastern time, which is 1am for me, so I’m quite happy that there’s a replay and a recording for Europeans.

(Full disclosure: this is an affiliate link. These are wholly free calls, with no obligation, time-wasting hard sell or influx of stupid emails – the affiliate part would only be relevant if you were to apply for and join Pamela’s Grow Your Dreams Intensive, when she’d pay me a % as a ‘thank you for linking us up’ thing.)

This first weeding and watering call is with Nikkea Devida, who interestingly enough is a feng shui practitioner as well as an ‘accelerated change expert’. It’s about breaking the patterns that keep you from experiencing change, overcoming overwhelm and lack of confidence and the assorted stuff that gets in the way between vision and fulfillment, and having all this be less like hard work and more like fun.

I’ve signed up to get the call details and recording – I suggest you do so too.

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