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Are you free on Tuesday 20th?

… starting at 9pm UK time? (That’s 4pm Eastern.) As that’s when Kim Gould of Love Your Design has kindly asked me to join her for her web-radio show.

Kim’s speciality is Human Design, a modern system that brings together astrology, the chakra system, Kaballah and the I Ching. Fortunately for me, as I know nothing about three-quarters of that, our discussion on the show will be entirely I-Ching-focussed. It’ll include a call-in session when you can ask Kim to draw up your Human Design chart, which includes (as far as I understand it…) locating the planets of your birth within the hexagrams and lines. Then we can discuss the meaning of one or two hexagrams within your chart in detail, which is where I hope to be able to contribute.

On the show’s webpage (where please note I didn’t write the introduction…), you’ll find an ingenious ‘add reminder’ button. Kim is a delight to talk to, and it’s intriguing to see how she works with the I Ching. I hope you’ll join us – it would be great to hear some familiar voices/ names.

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  1. Hi Hilary,

    One of the reasons I abandoned the Human Design system is that it is totally prescriptive about the association of the 64 hexagrams with the zodiacal chart. This has been ‘revealed to’ or ‘channeled by’ Ra Uru Hu (Alan Krakower) the founder of HD. It also claims that the I Ching has never been rightly understood until HD came along and interpreted it anew.

    The hexagrams (and lines) have much the same meanings as ascribed to them in classical I Ching readings. However, adherents of HD are encouraged, even instructed to “bin” all I Ching interpretations OTHER than HD’s.

    I would never suggest that you do not give airspace to alternative views and there may be nuggets of real value in them, but I would ask that you be wary of your considerable talent for inspired interpretation of the oracle being highjacked by an HD exponent. In my experience, they would not extend the same latitude to you.

    Beware the new kid on the block.



  2. Thank you. I am never keen on prescriptive anything, either. I think Kim is a somewhat unusual exponent of Human Design, though: insisting on exploring new ideas and letting the system evolve, and generally making herself heartily unpopular with the HD ‘authorities’. She did mention that she’s been using my book as part of her chart readings and getting good results.

  3. Good for you, Hilary. The HD ‘dogma’ on the hexagrams was delivered to me in the form of the “Rave I Ching” by no less a leading HD light than Richard Beaumont who stated quite categorically that all other versions should be thrown away.

    I am glad that your interlocutor seems of a different mind; and, she can only benefit from taking readings from your own book as a basis for, or help in, better understanding the oracle. [I also use it as one of my sources]

    Incidentally, when I looked at your HD chart, I have to admit that it seemed quite revelatory to me – although I have to acknowledge that I only know you through this medium. Having said that, my intuition tells me that the ‘you’ presented here is transparently the “real you” – or at least, one of them!

    Best wishes for a healthy, prosperous and happy 2012.


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