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New online I Ching reading

Clarity’s free online I Ching is new and improved; the oracle’s sense of humour is much the same as ever.

First, the new reading features:

  • instead of showing all the text of both hexagrams, leaving you to pick out the relevant parts, this displays only the hexagrams and lines that are part of your reading. (Some people mentioned on the forum that they prefer to see everything – you can still do so by following the link in the right-hand menu to the old-style reading.)
  • the whole reading is displayed on a single page that you can save
  • you can also save, send or share a link to the reading (just copy and paste from your browser’s address bar)
  • and there’s a ‘download as pdf’ button
  • It also comes with helpful links: at the foot of the reading page, you’ll find a link to start a new thread in Shared Readings, and one to the hexagram search results for your reading.

Many thanks to Ewald Berkers for all this excellence. (Any bugs you find will be the result of my fiddling about with the styling after he’d finished.)

And then the oracle’s sense of humour. As I was saying – unchanged.

There was the time when we seemed to have finished, so I visited the online reading and did a test cast. ‘How are we getting on?’ or words to that effect. The answer was an unchanging hexagram, and revealed a bug with unchanging hexagrams – the text was repeated. And the reading? 56, the Traveller. Still on our way, not there yet.

It’s nice to work with a programmer who will not only fix the bug within minutes, but also get the joke.

Then when Ewald really had finished, I was working on fitting the reading into this site’s template and styling. I am not particularly knowledgeable about these things, so it’s all trial and error. Try copying and pasting something, save, upload, refresh the page, see what’s broken. Back to the source code, try to guess what I broke, edit, save, upload, refresh. Fixed this, broke something else. Edit, save, upload, refresh. And so on, for about an hour. Gradually it comes together.

I did all this with another test reading; this time for the question I just typed in ‘test’. The answer: Hexagram 26, Great Taming, changing at line 3 to 41, Decrease or Offering.

‘A fine horse for pursuit.
Constancy in hardship bears fruit.
Daily training, chariot driving, protecting.
Fruitful to have a direction to go.’


10 responses to New online I Ching reading

  1. Of all the nerve, taking a good thing and making it better! What about those three readings I used the old one for yesterday….I should have waited! (Maybe I can get a refund….no, I didn’t pay anything… maybe a rebate… or how about a rain check? Still doesn’t sound right)

    My first reading with the new Reader!
    How does the new reader online affect me?

    Your reading resulted in the following hexagrams:

    51 changing to 17
    Hexagram 51, Shock
    Key Questions

    What must change?
    What will continue?

  2. ‘Shock goes and comes, danger
    Intention not lost -there are things to do.’

    Maybe it doesn’t affect you all that much 🙂 . (Glad you like it, though!)

  3. Dear Hilary,
    I saw your post today and decided to try… (last time I did an online reading here at Clarity it didn’t have your translation). To my surprise, the key questions did more for my understanding than everything I’ve read in the last 10 years. I’ve found those questions extremely helpful and went to ask everything I could think of. Thank you!.
    I’d like to buy your book, but amazon has failed me in the past… you know if I can get it in Buenos Aires, or order it from a store some place in South America (Brazil maybe)? Thank you!!

  4. Dear Hilary,
    I have got quite a relevant answer from your Online Yijing – I didn’t expect it to be so appropriate via Internet.
    Your choice of materials already provided an insight into my current situation and possible pathways in the near future, but there is still enough work ahead to gain a deeper understanding of what is hinted at and avoid pitfalls.
    One suggestion: could you also add the date of the reading to the pdf-file – that would make it easier to keep track of one’s readings?
    I am very glad that you provided this tool for free;-) Thank you!

  5. Debora – I think if you ask for a book in any bookstore, they can order it in for you. I know of someone who bought mine in Mexico. Also – thank you for your kind words, and for getting the book 🙂

    Chingching – thanks 🙂

    Laoshi – thanks for the suggestion. The simplest thing – and maybe the best for keeping track of readings – might be to include the date in the filename when you save it. If you include it in your question, it’ll be in the filename and text of the pdf automatically.

    Oh, and though this may be more than you’re looking for, there is some really good Yijing journal software available here:

    • Hello Hilary
      Sorry to say but I am finding your new Website very difficult to follow (I am though rather ancient! 86!) I am trying to find the shared readings place and failing miserably. I found it (by accident) very early this morning and posted a new thread. Now I just cannot find it. Help?? Meigga The thread was called ‘Rash’

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